Super Junior’s Family

Leeteuk’s Family (Big sister’s name; Inyoung):

Heechul’s Family (Sister’s name; Heejin):


Yesung’s Family (Little brother’s name; Jongjin):


Siwon’s Family (Sister’s name; Jiwon):

Eunhyuk’s Family (Big sister’s name; Sora):

Kyuhyun’s Family (Sister’s name; Jo Ara(?)):

Donghae’s Family:

(He has an older brother too, but didn’t find a picture of him):

Sungmin’s Family (Little brother’s name; Sungjin):

Kibum with his younger sister Saehee:

Kangin’s Family:

Ryeowook’s Family (?):

Hankyung’s Family:

Shindong’s Family:

Couldn’t find anything about Zhou Mi and Henry.


  1. Thanks, I now know more about them kiki Sungmin’s family genes are waaa~, and I’ve seen Kyu’s mother before on his performances hehe love that his mom is always there watching him kk

  2. you can find about donghae’s older brother and henry’s sister at here

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