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Since this actually is a Kpop blog I will try to update this blog more often and maybe do a few changes in layout and design. I will do a long post with a explanation on what I’ve been up to the latest years.

But I will begin to explain that right now I don’t only like groups from SME. I’ve been expanding my knowledge in Kpop 😉 Anyway, right now my favorite group is BTS (Bangtan Boys) from BHE (Big Hit Entertainment). But I also like groups like BtoB, Seventeen, 2PM etc. It’s mostly boy groups since I like their style of music more. A lot of girl groups are focusing on keeping the cute character. that’s why I still like f(x), but haven’t listen to them for a long time. 2ne1 are also a group I kind of like, but just a few songs. I like CL more like an individual idol.

I still like EXO, SHINee and Super Junior ofc. But the latest song from EXO didn’t get to me as the ones before. SHINee is the same. A few songs get to me, but not at before. Super Junior are still a really big hit in my eyes. Even if they are “getting old” they are still a child to heart. Unfortunately, a lot of them are absent due to military service. But I hope there will be a comeback anyway, even if they are 1-6 members 🙂 But I will understand if they choose not to, since they are so few right now.

As I mentioned before, my favorite group right now is BTS. Many of you would ask “Who is your bias?”, and I like them all actually. If I have to choose it would be Jungkook, J-hope and RM (do I like rappers more than singers? xD). All of them are kind of manly (even if they all are a little feminine). I like Jungkook thanks to his good looks, his voice, dancing skills and him being sung a good athlete (the same as my bias in BtoB 😉 ). J-hope is humorous and is making me laugh all the time. I like his smile, dancing skills and all of his character. RM is a smart person with a good character. What I can see from shows, performances and videos, his character reminds me of my self a little bit. Calm and funny 😉 Right now I’m focusing mostly on J-hope ❤

This post wasn’t meant to be so long. But I guess I like writing it all down ^^ One more thing I discovered about myself is that I usually like the members in a group that is closest to my own age (without noticing). SHINee: Taemin, EXO: Kai, Super Junior: Kyuhyun (with exception of Leeteuk), BTS: J-hope & RM. Then there is always an exception like BtoB Minhyuk 😉



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