When I grow up, I want a Volvo… I think ;)

My family has always been having a Volvo, well at least when I’ve been living xD

So for my it feels natural to want a Volvo when I grow up. I could take my driving license right now, but I’m saving money for my future plans to study in California 🙂

When I have the money, I will buy a Volvo XC90, if I don’t find another car I like as much 🙂

Photos from: www.Volvocars.com


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  1. Tjaaa!
    Tänkte bara tipsa om en tävling jag precis startat. Lottar ut ett set med sminkborstar, och det är jätteenkelt att vara med. Kolla in!


    Kram Addie!

  2. Höhö vi har en XC90, men tyvärr inte i min drömfärg, dvs sandfärgat T^T

    sv: Tack så mkt! :DD

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